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Reading criticism of classics, he writes, is often a waste of time. Whether tracing the links between Ovid's Metamorphoses and Alain Robbe-Grillet's objectivity, discovering the origins of science fiction in the writings of Cyrano de. However, many of these critical studies suffer from too much deference to the texts, and too few flights of critical fancy. Calvino S Invigorating And Illuminating Analysis.
The Castle of Crossed Destinies. Italo Calvino, one of Italy's finest postwar writers, has delighted readers around the world with his deceptively simple, fable-like stories. Daisy Books for the Print Disabled. The resulting volume is both an educat. The high points of the collection are the title essay and longer pieces presenting overviews of the work of great writers who were Calvino's contemporaries. Reading, savoring, and rereading them is of much greater importance. He ranges from Homer to Jorge Luis Borges, from the Persian folklorist Nezami to Charles Dickens.
Download Why Read the Classics. Includes bibliographical references and index. Home Literary Criticism Italo Calvino. Zhivago, and why Cyrano de Bergerac is the forerunner of. Modern-day science-fiction writers. Learn why Lara, not Zhivago, is the center of Pasternak's masterpiece, Dr. Is an elegant defence of the value of great literature by one of the finest authors of the last century.