How to section someone under mental health

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Admin
How to Find Help Treating a Mental Health Problem. You still have the right to visit. How can I appeal against being detained.

If your loved one has been detained, he or she will have to stay in hospital until the doctors or a mental health tribunal decide otherwise read Appealing against being detained in the box below.

If you have been sectioned and you want to challenge the decision, there are several ways of getting discharged. Before someone is sectioned, they will be assessed by a team of health professionals. Understanding mental illness in its various forms is the best way to start. Visiting arrangements depend on the hospital, so check visiting hours with staff or on the hospital website.

How to help someone who's been sectioned.

If someone says, You are being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, they mean you are detained according to a particular section of the Mental Health Act. What does it mean if someone is sectioned. Understanding Mental Health Problems. This will be an approved mental health professional and two doctors. See our guidance about how to deal with a mental health crisis or emergency. Mental health problems take a toll not only on those directly affected, but on friends.