How to plan your college career

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Giovanni
Theyll be happy to talk with you and help someone showing initiative and interest in their work. Career planning is a process of understanding oneself, exploring career options, making wise decisions and moving forward.
Talk to professors in your field of interest for guidance and advice. Therefore, career planning is not something done one time early in your career. The career center is another valuable resource for exploring your interests and identifying potential careers. From after-school programs for at-risk youth to music therapy for the disadvantaged, community music programs help people of all different backgrounds. Finding your big future starts with you. How might they affect my career.
If I could turn the clock back, what career choices or decisions would I make differently. Rather, its an ongoing process throughout your life. Its never too early to start pursuing your career in music, especially if youre an undergraduate in college. A career in community music requires a hybrid of educational theory and management know-how. People suited for careers in community music programs are service-oriented and enjoy working with others.