How to make a book of shadows online

Posted on 15.04.2019 by Minta
You can purchase a blank journal, or a specialized Book of Shadows online or in many specialty shops. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. A Book of Shadows or Grimoire is a place for a witch to keep her spells, rituals and other secrets. With each spell and recipe, you write down, make sure you also leave a space to include information about how you did the work and what the result was.

You can also make a cover out of paper or get a binder with a clear sleeve on the outside, then you can paint, draw or print out a cover and slide it right into your clear sleeve.

A Book of Shadows is a personal record of spells and beliefs, typical to Witchcraft and Wiccan traditions. I can get all geeky and get my calligraphy set out and make it look really pretty. Unless youve purchased an already decorated book, there might be a need to add some touch of uniqueness to your book. A popular method is to use a three-ring binder so items can be added and rearranged as needed. Many witches simply write, The Book of Shadows of your name on the front page. Its really simple you do it just however you please.

You can decorate your Book of Shadow cover with paintings and symbols.

Many people ask me how they can create their own Book of Shadows. Having a Book of Shadows is more important than the form the Book comes in. This is the first in a series of videos showing how I am making my own custom book of shadows, with tips and tricks and links to everything I'. If you use this style of BOS, you can use sheet protectors as well, which is great for preventing candle wax and other ritual drippings from getting on the pages. Each one is individual, and most often very private.