Learning how to drift

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
What's it like to Go Drifting for the First Time. The guys take a drifting course, and it doesn't go well at first. Drifting is a stack of fun, but it increases wear and tear on your engine, your tyres and the gearbox. Title speaks for its self Thanks for watching, don't forget to drop me a like.
Aaron gives us a brief tour with some history, we check out some cars, and get some track time. Watch as I learn how to get sideways in the DriftStang for the very first time. I do a burnout to see if the rear end locks up. Drifting is something I have always wanted to try for the past few years so I finally set aside some.
Learning how to drift with mad mike. This drift tutorial will teach you exactly how to drift in a RWD car. If you enjoyed this assetto corsa tutorial on common mistake people do while learning how to drift, don't forget. But, theres now an answer to the age-old problem of learning how to drift without gradually destroying your car, and that answer is to do it in so.