How to vote none of the above

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
Since you can't vote no, why not profit from that. I am wondering if compulsory voting systems allow for blank votes.

By blank votes I mean an explicit act of choosing not to tick any option.

As long as each one's a distinct individual, it's fair even if they all go pro-bishop. There's a growing demographic out there who say they don't vote in elections because they don't like any of the candidates. The entire point is discussing what good faith is. These disgruntled individuals can spoil a ballot but that's a rather meek and ineffective way to protest. That said, anyone who doesn't care about their faction-of-choice, I will bribe you to support contrarian if that'll make a difference. Not take any active support action, just make him your chosen faction unless or until you can swap to no faction.