How to make splash screen in xcode

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
It's place holder for the app while is it loading. From what I see, this is still the only way to go if you want to support old iOS versions. How to Design a Splash Screen in the Sketch app. The splash screen lasts while the game is loading, but the game is so simple that the splash sscreen stays on the scre.
Xib in the target properties first screen in your XCode project. In this Channel I'll teach most of the. If you think that following these guidelines will result in a plain, boring launch image, youre right. You can use any photo editing software for this like Pixlr. For those who are new to programming and havent heard of the term Splash Screen, let me first give a brief explanation about it.
This is the first screen you see when launching an application. I am developing a simple game from an open source xcode project. How can I add a splash screen for my app. While you may think you need to write code for the splash screen, Apple has made it extremely easy to get it done in Xcode. What you just need to do is to make a couple of configuration in Xcode.