Better spore not working

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
Please leave a rating, it helps me out and it helps out you guys as well. Sorry for meantion this when it probably wasnt realative to Better Spore. I need help, every time i ttry to launch spore it shuts down, it will pop up showing the whole beggining and then it shuts down, all help will be helpful.
If your issue is still not resolved, please look at the guidelines as to how to post about your issue at the bottom of that thread. Not really my problem if you refuse to believe that you will not be playing it with GA. Better Spore should have been updated to work with it, so don't give me attitude. I can move the creature as usual and the problem is the same in all the test backgrounds. I have been tried different setups with different mods.
I really cant explain why its working know but it does. Better Spore was created by one person and he's got a busy life, on top of which he also lost his work drive with the mod on it. The only one I see with attitude here is you. If I delete Better spore it works again. I spent hours and hours doing my own troubbleshooting, recreating login issues and things like that. Untill next time my friends, may you stay safe on your gaming travels and may the Triforce be with you.