Micro sim not working in nexus 4

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Dante
I believe the answer is yes but I want to be sure before I sell my iPhone. By nothinbutnexus in forum Verizon Galaxy Nexus. So i am thinking maybe the micro-sim with smaller chip have issues with the nexu.
Enjoy it, it's been a tough phone for people to get hold of. I have never had reliable reception. Or do I need to get a brand new card. The new sim with small chip doesnt work. I know the phone will not work with any other carrier but ATT.
In the mean time I ordered a sim from Nanogaff. Take out the SIM ejection tool that comes within the package or use a thin paper clip if the SIM eject tool is misplaced. Will the micro sim from the GN work in a regular sim device. Called google to get a replacement, she received it today. I know sometimes you have to get a brand new sim because tech has progressed and the old sim doesn't support some features of a new phone. Posted via the Android Central App.