Longboard fin box install

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Magan
FCS Fin Boxes, Leash Plugs Install Kits. With the box in the hole measure from the tail.

When the quick fix and mini kits just wont do, its time to call in the big guns.

Mildly flexible so that if it hits a rock it bends and helps protect my board while at the same time not throwing me off my board and has pretty good tracking. Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video. Our longboard fins come with a no-tool screw, so you can hand tighten the screw. LongBoard Boxes Installation Kits. Lay the screw plate into fin box. Figure out where you want to put the box and measure the board thickness. Carefully slide the screw plate into the fin box, and move it towards the front of your board.
These instructions will work for the Fins Unlimited box and the High Surf box. You can use a pen or screwdriver to mov. Took my board down shallow River and the fin worked great. The moulded Dovetail slots along the outside Key it into the board.