Lenovo thinkpad e420 microphone not working

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Edison
Lenovo offers enhanced security, wireless computing, data-migration and other solutions for your computer. My internal labtop speakers don't get recognized and so are my headphones.
ve fisin hareket etmesini saglad?g?n? gormuyorum. Installed latest driver because microphone was not working and now with latest driver neither works and when I roll the driver back everything continues not work. However, audio from the microphones still capture audio, and it can be recorded on applications like Audacity and Skype. When i plug the Microphone into the adapter and the adapter into the Laptop it weirdly plays music out of the microphone and thinks it is a Speaker according to the control panel.
Additionally, PCI Serial Port and PCI Simple Communications Controller are showing no driver installed. Manually muting the microhphones via the Sound dialog in Windows has the same effect. I discovered that the foam cover had been improperly applied at the factory and it was covering the mic hole on the chip.