How to find your music library in ifile

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Nicholle
After that follow the steps below. First, you need to download an app installer called IPA Library and you can find full details at the link here Download IPA Library.
Download and install iFile from Cydia. That playlist will also be set to automatically update as you add more songs to your library. For those who are using multiple devices or planning to purchase a new one, having iCloud Music Library will come in very handy. Once you download IPA Library, simply open it and download iFile app from the list of apps. Its free to download so give it a go today and see how you get on.
I also highly suggest checking the Live updating checkbox as it will make sure to add new songs to your smart playlist as they are added to your library. First, were going to create a smart playlist containing all your songs. Here is an overview of what were going to do. Follow us on Facebook for more up. Steps to Enable iCloud Music Library in iTunes. With the feature on, you can easily access your music database on any other computer with iTunes installed.