How to compare box plots statistics

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Buck
In this video I have explained how to calculate summary statistics of two given samples, draw box and whisker plot and then make inference about the. Box plots are especially useful when comparing samples and testing whether data is distributed symmetrically. To construct a box plot, use a horizontal or vertical number line and a rectangular box.

I use adjusted rand index as the evaluation metric.

But box plots are not always intuitive to read. When working on statistics problems, you probably will have occasion to compare two box plots. Box plots reduce data samples to a number of descriptive parameters and are a useful means of comparing statistical data. Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. Both plots are skewed to the right, although the skew is more prominent in the treatment group.
A typical box consists of the following subparts. Here're some tips on How to compare box plots. Since, clustering has been conducte. B the number of students in each college. The first quartile marks one end of the box and the third quartile marks the other end of the box.