Double end punching bag setup

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Admin
Comes with all required fixtures fittings. How To Hit The Double End Bag Boxing Basics EsNews Boxing.
Canelo alvarez throwing hundreds of punches working double end bag EsNews. The bag will suspended using one anchor point in the ceiling and one on the floor. The bag will wiggle very quickly and force you to throw faster and perhaps smaller punches. Double end bag with bungee cords and hooks.
Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punishment. The bags quick movements force you to speed up your reaction time. The absolute best equipment for developing speed, timing and accuracy. We feature a large range of double end punch bags for fitness and training, available in different colors sizes. The height of the bags can be adjusted according to your workout requirements. Ideal for all punching action, slipping, counter punching and reflex.