How to use jaguar j gate shifter

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Betsey
Be the first to rate this item. Open the ashtray flap, then using fingertips under the front edge of the J Gate surround Not the shifter - this is a Jaguar. I had a lot of help on my J-Gate installation from the guys on here.
A Jaguar XFR recently suffered electrical failure while in my care, and its electronic shift lever became locked in Park. Now, you will have the J-Gate in your house. Perhaps we will get lucky and find a mechanical reason for the issue of a binding shifter under the trim plate.
How about wrapping the entire circumference of the steering wheel in grippy leather. The bracket for this wire is black plastic, and says Jaguar on it. Using Jaguar's J-gate shifter to good effect, it's easy to keep the engine in whatever gear the driver's heart desires. The following errors occurred with your submission.