How to draw shapes in flash cs5

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Luis
With the new shape selected, choose Modify Arrange Send to Back. This seems like it should be so simply to do. Sekli cizmeden once, Araclar panelinin alt?ndaki iki renk orneklerini kullanarak baz? renkleri ayarlay?n. Kontur Renk ornegi kalem simgesi ile gosterilir anahat veya kenarl?k rengini kontrol.
The Fill color swatch indicated by the paint bucket icon lets you specify a color to fill your shape. Also notice a small arrow in the lower-right corner of the icon, which means that more tools are hidden underneath. Pull it slightly away from the original shapeyoull notice the two shapes did not merge as they would with mergeable shapes. How to create rotating earth in adobe flash.
tutun. simgesi ile gosterilir sekli doldurmak icin bir renk belirtmenizi saglar. Dolgu renk ornegi boya kovas? Ayr?ca, simgenin sag alt kosesinde kucuk bir ok gorursunuz.