How to do blonde red and brown highlights

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Jeniffer
Dark hair rarely gets more than two or three shades lighter unless you use bleach. If you have black or extremely dark hair and want dramatic blonde highlights, you will need to choose a kit with bleach.
How to Put Red Highlights Into Dark Hair. Without knowing the previous colour history and cond. I would suggest having a strand test done with bleach to see what colour it turns out and what condition it is left in. How do you get auburn blonde highlights. How do you apply blonde highlights to red hair. I used to go from brown to red to blonde regularly with colour remover or bleach but I have strong hair and it was kept short and trimmed regularly so not too much harm done. How do light red highlights look in blonde hair.
Hair highlights blonde red brown. Buy a hair highlighting kit in the shade of blonde you want. I strongly suggest you do not ask your stylist for brown highlights. Then the brown will fade out and you'll be left with blonde highlights you didn't ask for. By carefully following the instructions in your hair color kit, you can achieve beautiful results for a fraction of the cost of going to a salon. Just be very clear with your stylist what level and tone of brown you desire. Then all being well have bleach highlights and paint the brown colour in between, you can only go the same depth or darker with the brown.