How much money to save up for a house

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Armand
Its no secret that we dont like debt. The first step is always to make a budget if you dont have one. You'll need to save money for a down payment.

Buying a home is still the American dream for many people but with home prices going up and up, how can you save up for a house without sleeping in your car.

Well use an imaginary familythe Clarksin our example. However, you do need to work through the process below to arrive at your magic number. How much do you think a person should save up for a house. Thats the million-dollar question.
Subscribe to get the free Master Your Money course. We researched like crazy and thought about all of the different little expenses that would come. Even if youre not trying to save up for a house, spending less money is good for you. What is a good percentage to put for the down payment, what other costs should be saved for such as homeowners insurance, inspection fees, etc. I think this is a great question. Are there any other expenses I forgot about.