Group policy internet explorer 10 automatically detect settings

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Josphine
Specifies the location of the file that includes your default IE settings. Youve got three distinct sets of settings. One of these Group Policy setting called Disable changing Automatic Configuration settings if this is set it will lock the option for the user. Thats a good point but deploying Internet Explorer settings through the mechanisms available in Group Policy soon becomes murky.
If you have difficulty to customize the script, I suggest that you initial a new post in The Official Scripting Guys Forum. The same happens for Use automatic configuration. Automatically detect configuration settings. Long delays loading websites and poor logon performance of published applications were the primary issues observed. Automatically detect settings automatic detection of settings using the wpad. Use this topic to learn where to go to fix the affected settings through Group Policy Preferences, Administrative Templates. Automatic Browser Configuration.

I'm not sure about this as I've found two different threads within the forums where other guys show the possibility of chagning that feature.

By that, the option will have its preference nature. Use automatic configuration script. Is this located somewhere else in an admin template, or am I simply missing an option that is right in front of me.