Why was richard 1 called the lionheart

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Frederic
Fast facts and interesting information about King Richard the Lionheart. For battling Saladin during the Crusades.

He was, however, the favourite son of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Com Categories History, Politics Society Politics and Government Political Theory Monarchy Richard I Richard the Lionheart Why was Richard called. His courage and military prowess, even before he became king, was famous, earning him the nickname of C?ur de Lion Lion's heart. What kind of Ruler was King Richard I Richard the Lionheart. The third of King Henry II's legitimate sons, Richard was never expected to accede to the throne. But how did he become the Lionheart in the first place.
Was he really betrothed at the age of nine. Richard and his brothers constantly fought with their father King Henry II who had incarcerated their mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. This image shows an illustration of the great medieval king and military leader Richard I also known as Richard the Lionheart. King Richard I of England had to think about the Crusade he had promised to make. Tune in and learn more about Richard I in this podcast. When King Henry II died Richard was greatly grieved at his father's death. His name has become an English legend, but how much do you know about him.