Packagingexcludes not working

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
War file I am using packagigExcludes and it is working fine for. Nothing works, although I did confirm that regular expressions work in packagingExcludes.
Sometimes even such wildcards are not enough. I tried this in packagingExcludes. The files are still included packagingExcludespackagingExcludes I've tried other variations. PackagingExcludes not working in maven war plugin. It is possible to include or exclude certain files from the WAR file, by using the and packagingExcludes configuration parameters. Furthermore the dependency to a war makes only sense if you would like to use it as overlay.

I need to exclude all the war libs except richafeces jars.

WAR is a web archive, not a library, so this is a bit strange. I am using the maven-war-plugin to build a. They each take a comma-separated list of Ant file set patterns. In other cases you usually use the attached jar of the referenced artifact. In these cases you can use regular expressions with the regex syntax. Jar packagingExcludes packagingExcludes only works for the current project not for the dependencies. Why are you using war as a dependency for another project.