My logitech wireless keyboard and mouse are not working

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Admin
Follow the process below to reconnect your mouse and keyboard. Next, i have reinstalled the mouse and keyboard drivers, which again didn't work. If there is problem with the mouse driver, the mouse wont work properly.

It all works perfect on my PC but not on my laptop.

Having an irritating problem with my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. If you are not sure how to go to Device Manager, the steps below may help. I have tried some troubleshooting by myself. I rerouted the monitors to plug directly into the laptop take this docking station out of the equation. Make sure the USB receiver is directly and securely plugged into a working USB port on your computer.
As it seems my mouse had promised itself of malfunctioning while any game play. Finally, i exchanged my set with a new one, which also didn't work. Any help would be very thankful. This is to let the device understand the depth of the situation.