Ipad sound not working but works with headphones

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Joette
The sound on my iPad all of a sudden stopped working. See this post on how to clean these ports.
It sounds unbelievable, but I fixed my problem by installing and then using the Skype App. Four quick little preliminary troubleshooting steps before anything else. Their first thought was My iPhone is broken, the sound isnt working.
The speakers on the Ipad are not loud enough to listen to a movie or anything anywhere there's the least bit of background noise. Nothing worked, and they authorized a replacement iPad. Dont use too much pressure or youll likely push that dirt in further, causing more problems. I originally thought this must have been a software issue so I went through all the settings, checked mute etc. The new iPad arrived, but it had the same problem, so I knew something had changed in the iPad's programming. Not sure how or why it worked, but it did. Check that no apps are set to mute effects or music.