How to program logitech harmony 200 remote control

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Alda
Com to download your Harmony remote's software onto your PC. Here is another pictorial walk-through demonstrating how to setup the low-end Harmony remote with the Logitech Revue. I no longer have the computer that I initially used to program the remote.
Logitech remotes use software to control your devices and add activity settings to the controls -- a far cry from programming your universal remote by pointing it to a device and entering a code. My dog stepped on my remote and now its not working. Its only a basic remote from the Harmony range, being able to only control up to four devices. Logitech universal remotes are programmed through your computer using Harmony software. Programmable buttons Perform functions like switching screen sizes or accessing video on-demand content.
Click Support and select Downloads. Leave your question below and we will assist. Select Remotes - Harmony Remotes from the drop-down menu and click on your remote model. Which, for most people, will probably be the television set, the pay-TV setup box and a surround sound speaker setup.