How to make a scarf with your hands and yarn

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Delinda
Learn how to crochet a scarf with this simple tutorial. And they only take an hour to make. Lift the loop from the base of your pinky finger over the new strand of yarn and off the end of your finger.

You will pull on the first string to unravel it.

CrochetingCrochet is similar to knitting in that new loops of yarn are pulled through existing fabric. With your left hand, make a yarn loop. One of its advantages is that it lets you make a scarf that is very dense or fine. KnittingKnitting is a common technique when it comes to making scarves with yarn. Make a single finger-knit strand for a skinny scarf, or make multiple strands in complementary colors and twist or braid them together for a wider, bulkier scarf. How to Make Braided Yarn Scarves. However, crochet creates a very dif.
Affordable and versatile, yarn and scarf-making go hand and hand, and you have many options. Repeat with the loops on each finger. Our easy crochet scarf uses worsted weight yarn and is perfect for beginners.