How do you strafe jump in cod4

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Precious
A simple tutorial showing how to strafe jump in all Call of Duty games on the PC. Align yourself parallel to the edge of the base you want to strafe off and focus your sight down on the ground. Just a quick explanation on how to do a strafe jump and what a strafe jump is.
Somebody told you to have a look at CoDJumper. In some situations when you need a rpg to get up onto a ledge after altering the console you can simply look up jump and press crouchin mid-air and you land on the ledge. Some also like to jump by sprinting using shiftW W is key to go forward and then when they are about to jump they hold the A keykey to go left which apparently also gives your jump a boost. Extreme Generation - Call of Duty. Do you want to remove all your recent searches. Com and download a demo and watch it, so you did, but are still having trouble.
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