Why cant i update my android phone

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
How do I remove pre-installed apps on my Android phone. This even applies to sock ROMs that have been rooted. How can I download Apple apps on my Android phone. Can I download Fortnite on my Android.
Why is it important to update my Android device. And now the device status is now official and i can update my phone. Install the stock ROM and, if it's not the latest version, update it.

Why can't I uninstall Cumdroid app on my Android phone.

Can we uninstall inbuilt apps on android phones. In many cases, an Android OS update may require a higher level of hardware than a particular phone has, meaning the older device cant support the update. The pre-installed apps that come with your android cannot be deleted unless your phone is rooted. How do I uninstall my application from an Android phone. Mark Golightly, Long-term Android Addict. The reason you can't update your phone is because the update applies to the stock ROM, and you're running a custom ROM, so about the only thing an update would do is brick your phone. And sometimes it's because it takes tim.