How to use death cards in world at war zombies

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Admin
These cards are a type of collectible found throughout the game and enable certain cheats players can use. You can not use them on Nazi zombies or single player. You used to be able to but is was a glitch and got patched. Do you need all the death cards in Call of Duty World at War to use them.
How do I use death cards online. You can activate them in a xbox live private match. They cannot be used in singleplayer or MP, and are accessed by pressing the start button and should be under options or cheats. You can't use the death cards in zombie mode. A Japanese soldier hanging upside down is near the card.
Yeah but how do you acess the death cards. We did it on the PC so it may require a console command. The save game file is not fully needed to unlock all of the death cards and zombie mode. Can you use death cards without online. Although I did not host these games therefore I am not sure on how to get it to work.