How to sync your android phone to a mac

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
But Mac users who dont buy into the whole one vendor to rule them all thing will find that syncing an Android phone with OS X isnt quite as easy. But while Apple is not the most helpful company when it comes to interoperability, there are workarounds. The web offers a ton of how-to articles with sometimes confusing instructions and suspicious software download links. Read further to find the easiest way for Android to Mac OS sync.

Next, open the Address Book app on your Mac, go to Address Book Preferences Accounts, and choose On My Mac.

How to control your android phone from a MAC. Have you ever wondered how you can sync your android phone to your mac in a cool easy fun manner. If you want to sync Android phone with Mac, well then, this should not stress yourself at all. For the basic free service, AirDroid connects your phone to your laptop using Wi-Fi.

Because for your convenience, we are going to explain various ways to sync Android with Mac in this article.

And it doesnt require downloading software to your computer. Then confirm that the Sync Contacts box is checked. That said, it isnt terribly difficult, either, thanks to Googles own cloud services. All that creative energy can come to a screeching halt when its time to transfer videos and pictures from your Android phone to your Mac computer or laptop. In this article we show you how.