How to pronounce konbanwa in japanese

Posted on 15.03.2019 by Reiko
Others say At-At - because it's more efficient to use just two syllables rather than four syllables. Not only will knowing a little of the Japanese language bring a few smiles, it demonstrates respect and an interest in the local culture. This is why youll sometimes see the first n in konbanwa written as an m kombanwa. Japanese is actually easier to learn than other tonal Asian languages such as Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Thai.

In this article, well learn how to greet a stranger, a coworker or a friend in the Murakamis language.

However, note that the n sounds here are a little more nasal-sounding than they would be in English. Konbanwa translation and audio pronunciation. Words are spoken with different pitches depending upon the region.
Konbanwa pronunciation Pronunciation by Emmacaron Female from Japan. But if you want to say AT-AT Walker, just say At-At-Walk-Er. The pronunciation of konbanwa is kohn-bahn-wah.