How to make chili flakes in the oven

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Beckie
To start with, clean red chilies and remove the stalk. Alternatively, you can make them dry by placing them in a warm oven. Crush them with your hands, or with a towel if your skin is sensitive, as some of the powder may leak through. You Can Make Chili Flakes In Ten Minutes.

How to Make Homemade Chili Flakes Method.

Otherwise, if you run it for a longer time, you may get chili powder instead of chili flakes. You may consider growing chili peppers in your home garden, or buy some from the grocery store. Many people buy them from the market. You can easily make chili flakes at home. Air flow is important to dry the peppers evenly. Next, spread them under the sun, until they are crispy. First, wash and dry your preferred chili peppers.
In this video i show you how i dry my chili peppers in the oven to make chili flakes. Home-made chili flakes have better quality and a longer shelf-life. You should be careful in this step. Making your own chili flakes at home will give you the opportunity to experiment with different types of chili peppers, as each type has its own particular flavor. When the peppers are completely dried through and brittle, place them in a plastic baggie and seal.