How to access norton online backup files

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Admin
If you want to search and delete specific files, in the Search box, type the search criteria, and then click Search. How much does Norton Online Backup cost. Next to the backup set that you want to delete the files from, click File Actions, and click Purge Files.

In this video you will learn how to activate the Online Backup feature in your Norton product.

Learn how to retrieve files saved using the Norton Online Backup service. How long will it take to back up my data. To use advanced search options, click Show Advanced Search, and select the search options. How can I be sure my data is safe. In the Folders pane, click the folder name to navigate down the folder tree of files that are backed up. What happens if my hard drive fails and I lose all my data.
To backup your files, your computer must have Norton Online Backup client installed with an active Internet connection. What if I get a new computer, can I st. Back up the files from the computer. In the Files pane, select the folders or files that you want to delete, and then click Purge Now. What are the system requirements. You can easily protect your important files by regularly.