Holley 12-804 fuel pressure regulator installation

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Buford
Good product, would install on another vehicle if needed. The issue is with the labeling and the internal spring. Use with standard pump only - not recommended for maximum pressure pumps.
Each Holley fuel pressure regulator is fully adjustable so regulating the fuel pressure to your engines needs is a simple task. Be sure to check out all of our products from Holley Performance Products including Holley Performance Products Fuel Pressure Regulators. The inlet and outlet of the pump must be mounted below the lowest point of the tank. Use the supplied self-tapping screws.
The mounting holes are untapped on the above Holley and NOS regulators. A separate fuel pressure regulator must be purchased. This regulator is used to adjust to fuel pressure requirements of various carburetors and supplies the proper pressure to the needle and seat valve to prevent flooding or drivability problems. Fuel Pressure Regulator appears to be well made, but it is not fine enough adjustable. Too much fuel pressure for a given needle and seat assembly may cause flooding or drivability problems. Summit Racing Verified Purchase. This is necessary to allow for an adequate fuel supply.