Google chrome settings page blank

Posted on 15.03.2019 by Admin
The Chrome blank page problem seems to be bothering thousands of users per month. Now open Google Chrome should open normally now and from Chrome's menu icon at the upper right corner, choose Settings. Already updated to the latest Chrome but tabs keep blank even including the settings page.
You can choose a fun theme for your new tab page instead, though. Your cookies and data are saved. Simplest Way to Download YouTube Videos. If you try to terminate the Chrome running process chrome. At Settings page, scroll down and click to Show Advanced Settings. Under On startup, select Open the New Tab page.
If you still face the blank page problem or any other problem with your Chrome browser continue to step. Then right click again on Google Chrome icon and choose Properties. By default, the new tab page shows Google's logo, a search bar, and thumbnails of your most visited sites. Simply each website and tab turns out to be a mere blank screen.