Fingerprint scanner not working nexus 5x

Posted on 29.07.2018 by Admin
Scroll down this list until you see Nexus Imprint. With this feature enable, you can swipe down on the scanner to view the notifications bar.

Watch the video, get back to me, and then try to tell me that anyone is doing fingerprint scanners better than Google.

There is a great conversation on Reddit. With Googles readers, you only have to tap six times and it learns your finger perfectly. Moto M Fingerprint Scanner Repair Guide. I noticed that the fingerprint function is not working.
If anything, the scanners Google is using are just that much better than everyone elses. I was prompted to Find the sensor and given a simple illustration of the back of the phone with the sensor highlighted in blue. I'm just trying to narrow down why randomly the fingerprint scanner does not wake the phone.