Explain why a liquid solidifies when you cool it

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Lanelle
How do phase changes occur on a molecular level. Liquids solidify when they are cooled because they have reached their freezing point. In liquids atoms locate themselves relatively at more distance as compared to solids. These more energetic particles may have sufficient energy to escape from the surface of the liquid as gas or vapour.
This process is called evaporation and the result of evaporation is commonly observed when puddles or clothes dry. After pouring, the liquids layer as seen. Within a liquid some particles have more energy than other. Fast, ad-free and uninterrupted. Water when cooled at atmospheric pressure solidifies and forms ice. NAt zero degrees centigrade density of the solidified water.

The liquids Which statements describe characteristics of all liquids.

Liquids have the ability Your science teacher gives you three liquids to pour into a jar. Hope this answers the question. Ice is lower than that of water, hence a given mass occupies more space and expands.